How To Use

How To Use

To use the Tesla Autonomous features you have to enter the corresponding command in the chat starting with /tesla. It is also possible to create your own keybindings.


Autopilot/tesla pilotreckless, speedA destination must be selected
Crash Avoidance/tesla crash-
Auto Lane Change/tesla lanes-Autopilot must be enabled
Auto Park/tesla park-
Reverse Camera/tesla reverse-
Adaptive Lighting/tesla light-High Beams must be enabled
Smart Summon/tesla summonreckless, speedDrives to selected destination or trigger person
Dance Mode/tesla dance-
HUD/tesla hud-



Press E to activate the "Reckless Mode" in order to disregard all traffic rules for a short time during Autopilot. For example to continue driving at a red light.

If you want to enable reckless for the entire route type in reckless after the /tesla pilot or /tesla summon command. Doing that again will disable reckless.


You can also set the max speed with the /tesla pilot or /tesla summon command by giving it a int number e.g. 100 you can set the speed with reckless or without it. With a simple logic the scripts recognizes what you set.


All our Autonomous features support FiveM keybinds which can be configured per user during the game under [ESC] > Settings > Key Bindings > FiveM.