Tesla Core
Supercharger Map

Supercharger Positions

Getting started

This setting is for advanced users. If you mess up there will be no assist from the Support Team.

To change the Supercharger postitions you can edit the .ymap file in Codewalker the file is located here: playlolly-tesla-core/stream/charger/playlolly-tesla-supercharger-map.ymap

You can download CodeWalker here.

We would suggest to copy one of our Supercharger locations and adjust the Position. You may need to restart your game and fine adjust the location multiple times until you have the desired position. The new file has to be the same name otherwise it wont be loaded.

Adjust the Config

After you saved your new .ymap they should appear in the GTA world, but you will figure out that there is no blip on the map and that it is not able to charge the tesla.

Thats because you need to adjust the core config file aswell. Located here `playlolly-tesla-core/shared/config.lua``

First up the Blips: if you want to set a Blip on the map you can add the vector3 coordinates to the list. Eg. if you have a stall with 6 Superchargers you can create only one blip for it.

mapBlipVectors = {vector3(-598.74, -2166.83, 5.99), vector3(-1006.07, -1641.55, 4.56),
                          vector3(-2077.59, -298.51, 13.28), vector3(-50.87, -1764.61, 29.09)},

Now that you have the Blip set up we need to set up the charging logic. You can do that under the mapSuperchargerVectors section here you have to add every single supercharger so that it can charge your tesla. Also if you wish to remove any superchargers you have to remove them here. You can also add them by adding the vector3 from CodeWalker.

mapSuperchargerVectors = {vector3(-1011.788, -1648.002, 3.459426), vector3(2660.593, 3264.599, 54.24057),
                                  vector3(2664.354, 3262.566, 54.24057), vector3(-2539.343, 2349.581, 32.05991)},