Full potential for autonomous driving.

Playlolly Autonomous introduces and enhances additional features to make your vehicles even more powerful. All functionalities complement the existing resources and are signaled by sounds and HUD integration.


Mark a location on the map and your vehicle can drive to the location completely autonomously without any accidents. Autopilot takes into account other vehicles, traffic lights, speed limits and automatically sets turn signals.

Auto Lane Change

On the highway, vehicles can automatically change lanes, taking oncoming vehicles into account and announcing a line change by blinking. Furthermore, vehicles can also be cut off when overtaking by activating the "Reckless" mode.

Auto Park

When a vehicle is near a parking lot, it will automatically be detected and the vehicle can be parked fully automated in the desired direction (forward or backward), ensuring that the vehicle is always perfectly parked.

Crash Avoidance

Crash Avoidance can be activated while driving. The vehicle detects any hazards and tries to avoid them accordingly. Furthermore, a possible danger is signaled with a sound and visually in the HUD.


As a small Easter Egg, the Dance Mode can be activated in the vehicle. Accordingly, all doors move and lights flash with matching music. Players in the vicinity can listen to the sound and the dance as well.

Smart Summon

With Smart Summon, your vehicle can automatically drive to you from anywhere and pick you up. For example, you can park the vehicle and let it drive to you autonomously after shopping.