Powerful FiveM EV resources

With our resources, you have everything you need for a realistic EV vehicle experience, right on your FiveM server.

Flawless integration with existing FiveM frameworks



All possible resources to ensure the best possible and most faithful EV experience. With electric vehicle HUD, a distributed EV charging network, autonomous functions and a dealership with webshop.


Every vehicle is driveable as a high-resolution 3D vehicle in FiveM with all associated functions. This includes working mirrors, speedometer, doors, breakable glass, accurate lighting and correct steering wheel positioning and much more.

Loved by server owners and players worldwide.

Nephilim | Sebastian avatar

Nephilim | Sebastian

Mar 6

Very good EV scripts looking forward to more updates! ⚡️

Mr. Pickles avatar

Mr. Pickles

Mar 18

The support team has been great, its a great resource. I do encourage those who like what they see in the preview videos to purchase the product, its a great product.

Onurabicim avatar


Mar 13

Nice EV scripts! My Community and I we love it! ❤️

Möbi avatar


Mar 11

Mega! Thanks for the super fast implementation on feature requests and the awesome support! Amazing scripts, really! 🤯

Inchon avatar


Mar 14

It is all like being in a real EV, very impressive and so much fun to play with. 🕹️

Beauflexx avatar


Mar 10

Dope, hahaha it can be pretty wild. Its a dope package, players are enjoying it! Thanks for the numerous updates. Good work guys. 🙏

FaiterLP avatar


Apr 8

Very Nice Script. Works very well and the support is 12/10. 💫

Sole Tick avatar

Sole Tick

Mar 8

I requested a new feature, literally within a day there was an update including my requested feature. The team is incredibly fast and helpful. Can highly recommend this to everyone.

Xesteral avatar


Mar 17

Extremely simple installation, while everything is freely configurable. 🌟