High quality dealer with showroom.

The dealership is where you can buy your vehicles, just like in real life. The map has been lovingly created with custom 3D textures to represent a realistic dealership. The car salesman workspace is frequently visited. All vehicles are displayed and you can even take a test drive.

Dealership On Display

On Display

You can buy your vehicle from the Dealer, swap the displayed vehicle or take it for a test drive. It is also possible to finance the vehicles with a down payment.

Dealership Lounge


The dealership is often visited by customers who are as excited to talk about their new vehicle as you are. Or just hang out and talk about their experience.

Dealership Design Studio

Design Studio

At the Design Studio you can configure the vehicle of your dreams. You can choose appropriate paint jobs, interior equipment or find out about the available autonomous features.

Dealership Web Shop

Web Shop

Each vehicle can also be configured and ordered via the web shop. In the web shop modeled according to the original, you can configure paint job, rims, interior and autonomous features.


In this showcase video you can see how the dealership looks from the outside as well as from the inside. The position, color, specification, prices, etc. of the vehicles to be displayed can be easily customized in the configuration file.