Built-in HUD containing everything.

As soon as you sit down in a vehicle, the integrated HUD appears. It contains all relevant information about your vehicle and automatically adapts to your current model. The HUD has been designed with great attention to detail.

HUD Driving


Contains all important information about your ride, including your gear, speed, battery and automations.

HUD Parked


Shows you your current vehicle in parked condition including current model type and any open doors.

HUD Charging


Your vehicle detects when you are close to an EV chargering station and notifies you so you can start charging.

HUD Autopilot


As soon as you activate the autopilot, it will be displayed in the HUD with all the relevant information.

HUD Traffic Light

Traffic Light

Traffic lights with their corresponding state color are detected and accordingly visually displayed.

HUD Auto Lane Change

Auto Lane Change

Detected highway lanes are displayed and upon change, the HUD informs which lane the vehicle is changing to.

HUD Auto Park

Auto Park

Detected parking lots are displayed in the HUD as well as the parking direction during the autonomous parking process.

HUD Crash Avoidance

Crash Avoidance

Crash avoidance information is displayed directly in the HUD, including a visual warning in the event of danger.