After purchasing the resources, you'll receive an email with a download link. Alternatively, you may head to Keymaster here (opens in a new tab) and download it.

After logging into Keymaster, navigate to the Purchased Assets tab and download the resources. This is where you'll find the latest updates.

If it isn't appearing on Keymaster, make sure you are logged in with the same FiveM account that you checked out with.

Additional Dependencies

All of our resources require the playlolly-core dependency which is automatically added to your Keymaster when you purchase one of our resources, this must also be downloaded from Keymaster.

For certain resources, further dependencies are required, which are listed below. Please make sure you have downloaded all the required dependencies.

For compatibility with the ESX Framework, the init.lua file in the qb-target resource must be adapted. Please set Config.Standalone = true on line 27.

File Structure

Do not use FileZilla to upload our resources, because the required .fxap files will be skipped. Instead we recommend using WinSCP.

Navigate to the resources folder of your server, this is where you'll upload the resources.

Create a new folder named [playlolly] for the resources and place the contents of the previously downloaded zip files in it. If the folder name has the extension .pack after unzipping, e.g. playlolly-core.pack, please delete the extension and name it only playlolly-core.

Ensure hidden files are copied; the .fxap file in a protected resource must be included. Some FTP programs skip these files.

An example of a file structure for the playlolly-drive resource:

SQL Table Import

Only needs to be done for playlolly-drive or playlolly-dealership.

The unzipped folder contains a .sql file which contains all the import statements and the database tables required by the resource. Please import this file into your server database and make sure that the import is successful.

Server Version

Before starting the resources, please check your Server Artifacts version as you must be using at least version 5181 for our resources to work. This is a requirement set by FiveM with their Asset Escrow System.

Server Config File

In your server.cfg file, first start all dependencies that are required by the resource. In a next step you can start all resources of the playlolly folder with ensure [playlolly].

An example of a server config file for the playlolly-drive resource:

# Dependencies
ensure PolyZone
ensure qb-target
ensure oxmysql
ensure playlolly-core
# Resources
ensure [playlolly]