How To Use

Charging and Refuelling

To start the charging or refuelling process, drive an electric vehicle to a charging station or an internal combustion vehicle to a pump marked on the map. Get out of the vehicle and walk to the nearest charger or pump and press Alt. You can see an eye hovering over it and click it.

You will now see the message Grab the charging plug or Grab the fuel needle, if you click on it you will have the appropriate one in your hand. Go to your vehicle and press Alt again. You will then see an option to plug in the connector. The charging or refuelling menu will then open and you can choose whether to fill it up or not.


You can buy the station as a job. When you do this, a person will be standing at or in the petrol station. You can press Alt and move the mouse pointer over the eye, then you will see the option Manage Station, after clicking on it, a menu will open and you can buy the station.

If you own the station, you can set the prices for the chargers and the pumps independently. You can also deactivate them if you want to. You can also withdraw the money you've received from customers or rename your station. If you don't want it anymore, you can sell it and cash out your last money.